Alexander Tahtadjian
Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Concept Artist

Hey there! I’m a creative graphic designer and concept artist/illustrator based in Ottawa, ON.

wind elemental final ink (human)
fire elemental final ink
final design of logo
earth elemental final ink
final ink for art of book cover
dark elemental final ink

My Work

final art for book cover
Book Cover and Back
Graphic Design and Illustration/Concept Art

Coming Soon

Project 4
Graphic Design

My process

My creative process when it come to creating my work is both simple and straight forward while still adding a bit of an unique flare to best reflect who I am as a designer, illustrator and concept artist.

01 - Research It
Do some research of what I want to do for the main concept/design of what I want it to look like.
02 - Sketch It
Sketch out base ideas of what I want to do.
03 - Design & Create It
Take final sketch idea(s) and begin adding line work and colours to reflect what I found in the research (and requested colours or styles).
04 - Finalize It
Make any final edits to the work and share it with everyone.

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