Book Cover and Back

Graphic Design & Illustration/Concept Art
The purpose of this project was to create concept art/illustrations for a cover for a book of a story in order to showcase how illustration and type could work well together.
Ideas and Sketches
Like all art projects, my process began with researching the subject matter to get a better idea of what I was dealing with. The next step was brainstorming potential paths of how I could design this book cover and back and once I found what path I was taking , I went to the sketching stage. From here I decided to actually look at various different themes and of the story for inspiration. From the various mythologies included, to even taking inspiration from the actual characters that were included in the story. I wanted to showcase a wide range of diversity and different cultures to show a unique world and showcase just what to expect from the story based on the cover and back.
final art for book backfinal art for book coverfinal illustration for book coveredited final illustration for book coverbase final book cover art
When it came to receiving feedback as well as revisions, it was decided that I should go with the idea of having one of the characters/creatures on the cover in addition to an object that would be a focal point in the story being told (also considering potential doing a portrait of the character or full body). Afterwards the last thing to decide was what colours to go with between keeping it as shades of black and dark gray, or more colours that would either work well together or compliment the blacks and grays, while still maintaining a connection to the story.

Revisions and Feedback

Final Version

The end result for the cover and back was a simple yet very detailed and artistic illustration with unique style and paired with an excellent font that really combines everything together.

final look of book coverfinal look of book back

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