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I'm Alexander Tahtadjian

Creativity is one of the major aspects of who I am when it comes to design, illustration and concept art. From logo designs to posters and even the occasional graphic redesigns, finding new ways to come up with original concepts while maintaining my own flare of deviating from the obvious path is what really makes this world of design exciting. Finding that perfect balance between simplicity and effectiveness is also very crucial because you can come up with a design that's well executed but fails to show what you're tasked to design or have the right direction, and failing to have that design to reflect it. My methods demonstrate that I can understand what is asked of me to accomplish and how my end results truly showcase that I can bring your ideas and imaginations to reality. Being a graphic Designer offers me the opportunity to share my amazing ideas with everyone and show the world what I can accomplish when I set my mind to it.

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My Career so far

I've done a few projects for clients which include creating a theater poster for an upcoming play and a redesign of an existing logo. I've also dabbled in some branding for promotional products and events, and even some concept art and illustration for characters for a fantasy series. I've also started diving into the world of designing book covers and back for stories. I've also done some work with motion graphics and video editing.

Graphic Design
Concept Art
Motion Graphics
Video Editing

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