Ellen Ripley - Alien Warrior

Graphic Design
The purpose of this project was to create a logo based on a name with an accompanying phrase with the goal of maintaining the cultural background/significance while still applying an aspect to make it unique and reflect my personality as an artist.
Ideas and Sketches
Like all art projects, my process began with researching the subject matter to get a better idea of what I was dealing with. The next step was brainstorming potential paths of how I could design this logo and once I found what path I was taking , I went to the sketching stage. From here I decided to actually look at the word “warrior” as the main focus and went with sketches that either showcased Ripley fighting the Xenomorph itself or in a fighting/combat stance to showcase that she's ready to fight. After a long time of brainstorming, I came up with at least eight different variants from her physically fighting the Alien, to her in an MMA fighting stance with the Alien in the background in a circle formation to give off the presence of a fighting tournament look.
first round of sketchesfirst sketch of characterfirst variation of charactersecond iteration of charactersecond round of sketchesfirst round of colour for logofirst variation of characterfinal colour choices for logo
When it came to receiving feedback as well as revisions, it was decided that I should go with the idea of her in a fighting stance with the Alien in the back, since based on what i was told, it was both simple and detailed enough where people could recognize what it actually is easily. Afterwards the last thing to decide was what colours to go with between keeping it as shades of black and dark gray, or black and green (to symbolize both the emptiness of space & the Xenomorphs' skin and the aliens green acid blood).

Revisions and Feedback

Final Version

The end result was that of Ellen in a fighting stance in black with the Alien in the background a vibrant green.

final colour logofinal black and white logo

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